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5 Tools Everyone in Church Administration Should be using

Article by Adam Johannes
CEO, ChurchInsight

It's no walk in the park, but in order for a ministry to work seamlessly, admin is a necessary evil. Luckily there are tools out there to make it a little less of a chore.

Here are 5 of the best pieces of software for church administration.


Ever been struck down with a genius idea? Or remembered something you need to. Continue to remember? Seen something that would be great for a church event?

Evernote lets you take notes and pictures wherever you are and saves them in one easy to access place.

Sometimes you want to use your laptop. Sometimes you're on your iPad. Other times you're out and about with your phone in hand. Whatever you're using you'll be able to find all of your notes with ease. Because it saves them across all devices! Being organised literally couldn't be easier.

Google Drive

The next church admin software on the list is Google Drive. Like all of the best software it allows documents to be accessed from anywhere.

You know when you're working with someone on a project for the church website and you have to do that annoying thing where you email them what you've done and wait for their input? Well, Drive lets numerous people work on the same file. At the same time. I know. Groundbreaking. Now you can argue over who's idea is better without any pesky delays. Very efficient.


Fans of Pinterest will love this next one. The visual solution to project management has the ability to use lists and labels to divide up projects tasks.  

Trello is perfect for working collaboratively with others as it allows direct communication between team members.  


Stands for: If This, Then That. Is an innovative software that works by linking apps together. It enables you to say that if 'this' happens in one app, then 'that' happens in another. For example, you can set IFTTT to automatically save email attachments to your online storage box.

Even better is that the software is supported by over 100 apps, meaning there's almost no end to what you can do.


The only church administration software on the list that really is specifically designed for churches.

The main goal of a church is to focus on its mission. We all know that. And as necessary as it may be, the day to day aspects of church management also take up valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Like many of our other entries, it can be accessed across all devices making it ideal for our busy lives. And it offers features to aide with all aspects of church management. From financial planning to attendance tracking, to instant messaging. This software for church administration is a one stop shop.

There you have it. Administrators. You are a godsend. Go forth and make use of this church administration software like the pro that you are. We hope it will get rid of some of the headaches.

Adam Johannes, 26/04/2017