ChurchInsight is built on the latest Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server technologies

In safe hands

Our servers are hosted in a secure data centre with regular off-site backups, 24/7 security and full contingency measures in place. There is constant monitoring for server uptime and performance, with engineers available on call, even out of hours.

Our backup servers are securely hosted in a separate data centre independent of the main servers to avoid outages subject to the one hosting provider.

At ChurchInsight we take software security very seriously. The founders of our company developed software for the financial sector in the late 1990s. They carried the same level of security standards and intelligence into our software and data storage strategy. For these reasons ChurchInsight customers have never been hacked or had their data corrupted.


Privacy of website content

ChurchInsight has 3 levels of content visibility to ensure you always show the right content to the right people.

1. Public
Content that is available to everyone online.

2. Members only
Content that is available only to your website members, when they are logged in to the site.

3. Members of a group only
Content that is available only to members of specific groups, when they are logged in to the site.

Admin Permissions

ChurchInsight enables you to give your members access to the Web Office. The Web Office is where you manage your website and data is stored. The level at which you can give access is flexible. You decide who has access to particular parts of the website, and you control who has permissions to edit specific areas within the site.

We have a secure password encryption method to ensure the highest level of security for our users. Your passwords are not visible to any of our staff, even our software team.