Powerful Database

A database is used for storing, managing and retrieving information – it's a powerful tool for organising your data

Helping you with your admin

We know that managing the administration of a church can be very time-consuming and, at times, challenging. ChurchInsight is mainly focused around your member database, and there are many ways that it can help you to keep on top of your admin.

Firstly, your church members will be given a unique login so they can update their own profiles with their latest contact details. This means that when you send mailings, email shots or text messages, you know they’ll be sent to the right contacts.

All of your members' details are held in the main church database, so you can quickly and easily create content or send communications to them. Under this main database you can set up multiple groups and add different people to them, allowing you to send specific information to just the right people.


Tailored for your church

You can easily add custom fields to make sure that your church database is tailored for you.

Our Query wizard will help you search and report on your data and allow you to pull results out to Excel if needed. You can also email the results of the query right away.

Create groups, and subgroups to help you manage who is involved in the different aspects of church. You can easily manage small/home groups this way.

We automatically create an online Address Book for your members to securely access the Church directory. Every member also gets to set the visibility of their own details. You can even group people into families.