Church Admin Tools

We love helping churches save time and money, so we have packed ChurchInsight with tools to do just that

Calendar and Events

ChurchInsight makes it easy to manage and publish your church calendar to the public, members, or members of specific groups within your church. Our privacy settings allow you to control who can see which events. For instance, you can add events for the Worship Team, but create the privacy settings to only allow the Worship team members to see those events. It’s easy!

It’s also simple to add and manage recurring events. You can give events a contact person, a related link and we automatically generate a Google Map link when you add a postcode for the location.


Manage Rotas for your Serving Teams

Our system makes it easy to manage your serving teams. Our drag and drop rota system is easy to use and maintain. It comes fully loaded with email reminders and is available to view online when you log in to the site. We’ve got some cool time saving tools to make this easy to manage on a long-term basis as well.

Equipment and Resources

Managing your rooms and equipment is simple too with our powerful Resources system. You can manage all resources from the Web Office, but also give out permission to users to book resources when they login. The system has a full request to accepted process to make sure you stay in control.


Address Book

Keeping in touch with others in the church is easy with the online Address Book. It's a great resource that allows your members to edit their own profiles, keeping their contact details up-to-date easily and even giving access for adding family photos if desired.

The Address Book is a secure area and is only available to church members who have a login and password. It is not visible to the general public.

The Address Book works on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs and laptops, so it’s easy to find a contact number or address.

Visitor Tracking

Do you have a process for following up with visitors on a Sunday, or new members of the church? Our database lets you build your own workflow to track these things. You can add whatever custom field you want.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance for events you run, print reports and keep track of who attends regularly. This is also great for Small Groups and Children’s work.